Empradoor is the home of luxurious 2-pack polyurethane finishes designed to add a creative dimension to your home or office.

Items finished in Empradoor 2-pack look sophisticated and luxurious on doors, panels, robes and kitchens.

Empradoor specialises in applying this unique finish with a quality yet to be rivalled. Applied in a systemised factory setting, Empradoor’s 2-pack application keeps your home or site free of dust and other pollutants, ensuring a superior finish every time.

Available in a wide range of colours, Empradoor will match any existing colours you desire – to fashion that final touch to your home.

Our expertly trained staff can provide advice regarding the Empradoor application, as well as develop customised colours to suit your specific requirements.

Ideal for doors, panels, robes and kitchens

One of the simplest ways to create an air of prestige to your home or office is to have your doors completed in a 2-pack polyurethane coating.

A front door finished in a dark or bright colour not only creates a talking point, but is a stylish addition to any home or office. This effect can be continued throughout the home or office with internal doors coated in 2-pack creating an equally striking impression for each room.

Astute property developers or investors can add value to their investments by undertaking simple initiatives such as coating doors in 2-pack polyurethane thereby adding an air of prestige to the home or office.

The simplest way to create an air of prestige to your home or office